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Create new layers, change their order, merge,and delete them in the Layers panel. Apply Linear, Radial or Angle gradients. Easily save and reuse colors or gradients. Apply patterns and easily adjust them. Use built-in patterns or create your own seamless pattern. Import images in Graphic and stylize them like any other object. Even text can be filled with images. Union, Subtract, Intersect, Exclude and Divide paths.

How to upgrade to OS X El Capitan

Quickly create custom shapes or join and disconnect vector paths. Vector shapes and images can be clipped as a group inside another vector shape. Easily adjust a clipping path and add new objects. Neatly stack objects, easily reorder or grop objects. Align or distribute the selected object's positions relative to each other. Smart guides allow you to quickly align objects. Point snapping and the magnifier loupe help you create precise designs.

Resize your entire artwork in an instant using the Resize Artwork feature. Easily scale Styles and Effects proportionally. Export designs easily using the built-in sharing features in iOS.

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Share on Facebook, Twitter, via Email, to other iPad apps, etc. Graphic takes advantage of the latest new features in Mac OS X. Optimized OpenGL drawing for incredibly fast performance.

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Faster drawing, faster editing, faster importing Based on a modern architecture built for optimal performance. Optimized multi-threaded processing with Grand Central Dispatch. • View topic - [Solved] Installing El Capitan guest on El Cap host

Store your documents in iCloud, and keep them up to date across all devices. Share designs between Mac, iPad, and iPhone. Export designs directly to Dropbox using the built-in browser. Import images, resources, and other files from any Dropbox folder. Switch seamlessly between devices using Handoff, transferring in-progress designs from one device to another with ease.

Export each layer or tagged item in a design as a separate file. Create 2x and 3x copies automatically, and export assets to Xcode. Graphic automatically autosaves documents at regular intervals to keep your work safe. Use the built-in code editor to create, test and run custom scripts. Previously time-consuming tasks can be easily automated. Create print-ready documents using CMYK colors.

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  4. The built-in Quick Look plugin allows you to quickly preview your Graphic documents directly in the Finder. Graphic for Mac. But, if you wanted to just stream a video, you were limited, causing you to have to full-screen the video and make your computer unusable.

    Video Preview

    Now, you can AirPlay just a video right from Safari. When you begin playing a video, the compatible videos YouTube and other HTML5 compatible players have a simple AirPlay button to click and select where you want the video streamed. Safari Reader makes reading online articles a breeze, and this feature that has been around for a while is even better in El Capitan. This activates the status bar that now is simply an overlay in the lower left-hand corner of the Safari window on the web page when you hover over links.

    Apple Maps remains oft-ridiculed, but Apple has been hard at work to make it more accurate and reliable. Click the new Transit button in the toolbar, and Maps will overlay subway and streetcar lines atop a road map. Transit lines only appear in cities for which Maps supports transit directions, however. Adding faces in Photos for El Capitan has gotten much faster and easier. In Photos 1. This feature returns in El Capitan with Photos 1.

    Select the photo you want to tag, Select Info from the Window menu, then Click Assign a Location in the Info panel that appears and start typing. OS X Yosemite added an Extensions feature, which opened up some new ways to add functionality to your Mac. You can now create multiple folders to better organize your notes. Here, you can rename your folder and drag and drop your notes into the folder for much easier and better organization.

    Your folders will also sync between your devices via iCloud. The Notes app on OS X has been completely overhauled, and there are a lot of new features. One of the most-wanted features from us has been the ability to better organize content. This has been answered in El Capitan. Notes has always made is super-simple to delete your old notes. Some might say that it has been a little too easy to delete notes.

    Restore any of the notes by dragging them to another folder. Now, you can create bona fide checklists in Notes. Add a checklist item on a new line in any note, then click the Checklist button in the toolbar look for a check mark in a circle. You can also add files to your notes as well—just drag any file into any open Notes file and drop it there. Attachments extend beyond files, though: you can also save links to notes, complete with a preview of the link and a description of your choosing.

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    Enter a descriptive blurb if you want, choose the note you want to attach the link to and lastly, click Save. The Notes app in iOS 9 lets you sketch pictures, diagrams, and, well, just about anything else you want to jot down. This will let you create a new reminder with the link attached, to any of the available lists from the Reminders app. Now you can secure your account with 2FA, requiring you to enter a 6-digit code from one of your devices before being able to log into iCloud in the browser or on a new device.

    Would you like OS X to ask for your Apple ID password whenever you purchase an app from the App Store, but still let you download free apps with reckless abandon? You can find out in El Capitan. Open System Preferences, click iCloud, click the Account Details button, then click Devices you may be asked to enter your iCloud password at this point. If you no longer want a device from accessing your iCloud account, select it, then click Remove From Account.

    circle with line through it mac el capitan Circle with line through it mac el capitan
    circle with line through it mac el capitan Circle with line through it mac el capitan
    circle with line through it mac el capitan Circle with line through it mac el capitan
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    circle with line through it mac el capitan Circle with line through it mac el capitan
    circle with line through it mac el capitan Circle with line through it mac el capitan

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