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Great product. Good, sturdy build quality with a solid feel. Small enough to drop into bag with MacBook Pro. Great functionality and build quality for a low price. Love this case!! I can get all my portable hard drives, usb sticks, cables, Macbook pro in!! There is a slight issue with the charging unit and the plug does stick out a little and If i wanted to put my iPad in there this would not fit with the charging lead but I am sure they could potentially re design the plug section at some point in the future and if you do I will buy another one to replace this one.

If you like to be organised and have everything at hand in a tidy way then I would advise to buy this product as it fits in with my OCD. I use this with a MacBook Air and it works perfectly. Has got me out of countless headaches when making presentations with projectors, as I do not have to carry several different leads, this one just fits into my thunderbolt port and I am good to go. Far cheaper than separate Apple ones for each video type.

This is a really nice stand and very solid. The only thing that lets it down is the cable slot in the rear - it will allow slim cables through but not cables that have larger plugs - like say an RJ45 standard network cable, or a Blue Rigger Hi Spec HDMI cable. Its not the end of the world as these easily slip under the bottom 'cable slot' but a little extra thought and it would have been a shoe-in for 5 stars. Very attractive design, comfortable to hold and responsive.

I have used it for 3 days now at work and I really like it. Great value for money. Inateck Really surprised at the quality. If you buy a slim mouse and a Lindy folding UK mains plug you can fit it all in with no unsightly bulges. I nearly made a four hundred quid impulse purchase at Heathrow of a beautiful leather bag in this same style.

Apple MacBook Air Accessories

Bailey Essex, UK. Good quality, works as expected with no issues, even HDMI is flicker free on my MacBook 12" which had issues with other adaptors. You buy this because you've found the Apple adapter that does the same job to be overpriced and the first one you bought has failed. Then you tried other similar adapters that claim to work with Apple, but they don't. MacBook Air Accessories.

Top Selected Products from Our Brands. Amazon's private and select exclusive brands See more. Previous page. AmazonBasics Next page. In Stock. I was at first concerned about the price compared to other laptop sleeves, however I'm glad I went with this one.

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It feels a lot sturdier than other laptop sleeves. Unlike other products, it's not just there to protect the aluminum finish from being scratched, it's also to protect from drops, bumps, or other potentially damaging things that can happen to a portable computer. Add to cart. I just bought a MacBook Air 13 inches.

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It snapped on easily, arrived quickly and without damage, and the keyboard cover looks great. It's not off from the keyboard lettering at all, and doesn't hide too much of the back lightning! You also can see the apple logo very clearly on the laptop when it's lit up. It's super easy to keep clean and it looks very fashionable. I have a rose gold apple watch and a rose gold iPhone, and this set is the perfect color to match.

Will buy again. Does everything I wanted it to do! Just be aware that the storage pockets are a bit smaller than they seem, so it can be difficult to figure out how to fit large objects in them well. I was a bit hesitant to buy this case because I kept reading reviews and all of them said different things. It took me a couple days to finally decide to buy it and just face the consequences to see whether it was a great case or not It fit perfectly on my laptop, and it makes it look really pretty. However, you can't really see the Apple logo, and if that's not something you mind like me then you will enjoy this case.

The keyboard cover is fantastic as well. It is a little hard to see some keys, but if you know the keyboard well enough you should be fine. It also adds a different feel to the keyboard, so it might take some getting used to. The screen protector is also really nice, and it doesn't even seem Love this Case Love my macbook air, very good build quality, nice size and battery life but it is very delicate, it scratches easy and every little bump stays forever on the surface, this case solves that and gives me some peace of mind, adds more sturdiness and protection for the accidental hit or bump -It snaps and stays firmly attached to the laptop -All the ports are exposed.

This case fits perfectly. The color is accurate and very pretty. When you do the pasting to the MacBook, make sure to wipe away the air bubbles fully.

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It is all what u expect in the price range. Awesome product.

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I purchased this cover for my Mac book Air and it fits like a dream. Gives complete protection to the laptop. WARNING: the balance of the laptop will be on back edge, hence chance of tip over is always there, secure with a clip in the front. The design is good but for not having a stopper in the front to prevent laptops from tipping over. Currently unavailable.

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Product different from what is shown in the images. It's branded by Brinch. Overall build looks good and robust, though disappointed by plastic hooks and holders. See All Buying Options. Stylish look" - by Amazon Customer.

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