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Got a tip for us? Let us know a. Send us an email b. Anonymous form close x. Resizing images in macOS is easily done in the Preview app, but if your daily workflow requires you to scale images to a specific size — for uploading to a blog, for example — then using an image resize service is a much faster way of getting the job done. In this article, we'll show you how to use the Automator app to create a simple service that will have you resizing images in just a couple of clicks, without even going near an image editing app.

How to Quickly Resize Images on Your Mac Using an Automator Service

Keep reading to learn how it's done. Click New Document. Choose Service as the type of your document.

Click the Service receives selected dropdown menu and select image files. Select Photos in the Actions sidebar, and drag Scale Images to the workflow area. Automator will prompt you to add a Copy Finder Items Action to save the original files in a separate folder. We're sticking to a simple workflow of resizing images here, so we click Don't Add. In the Scale Images action panel, type the width that you want to resize your images to. We're going to use pixels. You can also drag a selection box over several images and resize them all in one go using the service. Why not assign a key shortcut to your image resize service to speed up the process?

To do so, launch System Preferences, select the Keyboard pane, and click the Shortcuts tab. Select Services from the sidebar and you should find Resize Image near the bottom of the list. Just click it, select Add Shortcut , and finally, enter your custom key combination. Top Rated Comments View all. Automater is one of those tools that hardly anyone knows about.

Batch Resizing Images in Mac OS X

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Mac Pro Fall Apple Arcade Fall See Full Product Calendar. Apple Arcade, Apple's upcoming subscription-based gaming service, was first introduced in March and is set to launch this fall. Filter out images based on image dimensions, megapixels, file format, or other criteria.

Trim all transparency from the edges of images. Rotate images by any amount. Crop images by a fixed amount, percentage of width or height, anchored to edges, or by aspect ratio. Scale your images and write out optimized 2x versions of your images next to 1x versions. Retrobatch is great for quickly preparing images for web and app development. Edit, assign, or strip color profiles from your images. Split and separate multipage and multilayer images into single images.

Use Retrobatch to watermark your images in a variety of ways.

macOS Batch Image Resizer

Create custom text, select an image from file, or do both! Adjust watermark transparency, blending mode, and placement. Use metadata tags to watermark, including image capture date, file name, author, and many more. Add borders and drop shadows to your images.

BIRME - Bulk Image Resizing Made Easy (Online & Free)

Add gaussian or box blurs. Remove noise from photos, or use sharpen filters. Use the matte node to remove transparency from images. Invert color negatives or create color negatives. Use rules to remove images from your workflow based on attributes such as color profile, file format, size, and orientation.

Confining the Image

Take advantage of machine learning to classify your image for processing. Download new domain specific models for precise classifications. Is it a hotdog or not? Use a Retrobatch template workflow to start sorting your images by hotdog. Use AppleScript nodes to sort or perform actions on images. Write custom shell scripts to further process images. Combine Folder Actions with Retrobatch to automatically process images when added to a folder.

Create and distribute custom plug-ins written in JavaScript. Write scripts to extract or alter meta-data. Export all your Selfies from Photos, resize, and apply filters.

batch resize images mac freeware Batch resize images mac freeware
batch resize images mac freeware Batch resize images mac freeware
batch resize images mac freeware Batch resize images mac freeware
batch resize images mac freeware Batch resize images mac freeware
batch resize images mac freeware Batch resize images mac freeware

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