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Oct 19, PM. With the driver installed but no adapter plugged in I can operate just fine - no kernel panic. The System Report - Extensions section says the driver is not loaded. Plugging in the Keyspan's USB plug produces a crash within a few seconds. The computer eventually offers a login screen and after logging into my account the adapter works, and the driver shows as loaded. If I leave the serial adapter plugged in and later shut down and restart the computer I get a kernel panic after entering the password to my account.

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The computer recovers after a few moments and presents the login screen again, and all is fine from that point on. The device works and I see no further kernel panics until the next reboot. I can live with it, but can't help but worry that some harm may come to my system operating this way.

Curious on something here. When I run the installer on Fresh Install Did you all install from the command line or by double clicking the package? May need to go back to Mavericks or Yosemite because I need this tool for my job. I've tried both from double click on package and on command line.

Same error both ways. Error from command line is I was hoping for more detail from the command line for what caused the error :. Contact the software manufacturer for assistance. Nov 4, AM. Nov 4, AM in response to louser In response to louser.

The correct way to remove Keyspan High Speed USB Serial Adapter completely

Rrettke above found the installer would not complete cleanly if the 'USAdriverFolder' was selected. So you might give that custom install of the driver only a try with the 19HS package. The end result should be a kext file KeyspanUSAdriver. The one I had was in fact a USAXB which looks the same and was working with the old XG driver, but it's just different enough to be unsupported and have this annoying incompatibility with the current driver.

Now with a bona fide 28XG all is well under El Capitan. Missed that part on the folder the first read through. But tried that this last time and it worked probably while you were writing you post a minute ago. Also, just did the standard GUI double click method for installing, as well. Attempted using the driver with "screen" like normal and all good. Into my routers and switches again. Saved me from going back to Mavericks or Yosemite. Removed option for USAdriverFolder choose driver only. Reboot was not required.

KeySerial1 8N1" would connect at baud 8 data bits, no parity, 1 stop bit. Dec 17, PM in response to louser In response to louser. Thanks so much louser!

I couldn't find the link on the tripplite site but the link in your post above, and the driver it downloads, worked perfectly with a clean install of Using a 28XG. Dec 17, PM. Mike, thanks for this post. You said you replaced yours " with a new one " - where did you find one?

It's an old discontinued part and I'm having trouble finding any place that stocks it anymore. Dec 29, PM. Communities Contact Support. Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate. Browse Search.

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Keyspan USB to Serial Adapter

Loading page content. User profile for user: Mike Mike Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. Computer crash on cold reboot after posting my reply! Sorry if this has been a waste of your time. Still a few things to try, but I'm less hopeful. User profile for user: Rrettke Rrettke. Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: 1.

User profile for user: John Snelling John Snelling. User profile for user: louser louser. Type man screen in Terminal for further information on screen. Minicom Alternatively, if you'd like a few more features, and a retro feel, you can install minicom 2. Download and run the minicom 2. Run minicom -s first to configure your serial interface device name, and other options. Then, Save setup as dfl default and Exit.

Always launch minicom , with your selected serial adapter plugged in and available to avoid an error. Open a new window for this change to take effect. Mac Mitel Clocks Contents.

Automatically uninstall Keyspan High Speed USB Serial Adapter 1.9 with MacRemover (recommended):

Configuration Options. Connected to Port. Command Summary.

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keyspan mac os x software Keyspan mac os x software
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