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This is the only system that allows file transfers between my PC and my new iPad Pro Not only does it provide easy file transfer between my PC and my iPad; it also does full backups of iPads. Unlike iTunes, iMazing is very user friendly. In addition to it being excellent software, customer support is excellent!

Please go to imazing. Transfer media files and documents Use iMazing to browse and transfer specific files and folders from your apps. Any other app which supports File Sharing. The best backup browser and editor Advanced users enjoy a complete toolbox for browsing and editing iOS backups.

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Browse the file system of iTunes and iMazing backups Export any file or folder Edit backup files, or add files to backups Encrypted backups are fully supported password required! Find out more about backups. Speaking of iMazing. Comprehensive app. Useful, Elegant and Effective by Reg Curry.

How To's File System view in iMazing. Then click "Export" at the top of the main window. The powerful program is equipped with contacts editing feature, which is capable of searing, adding, editing, deleting and modifying the contacts easily on your Mac and sync to your iPhone automatically.

How to Transfer From Mac to iPhone - No iTunes (Fastest Way)

So convenient and quick. To be honest, using this method to backup iPhone is quite straightforward and much easier than iTunes or iCloud. You are absolute free to control the backup items. Actually, there is no need to back up all of the staff, which is time consuming. Only important ones count. Still not convinced? Start your own journey for free now! He is curious about new things and is always on the lookout for new Apps and Gadgets.

SynciOS for Mac

Recover Data from iPhone without Backup. This might just be the best option if you wanted to send a baby photo, say, to the grandparents at the same time as importing it into your Mac. Go to Photos on your iPhone or iPad and find the photo you want. Click on the share icon an arrow coming out a box at the bottom left then tap the icon for Message or Mail. This will pop the photo into an email or Message for you. There used to be a limit that meant you could only send up to five images or videos this way if you were using Messages, but now Apple will bundle up the images into an iCloud link which your recipient can download them from.

They will be available to download for a month. You can then open the email or Message on your Mac and copy them over you may need to activate Messages on your Mac so you can receive and send text messages there. You can also use AirDrop to transfer your photo to your Mac.

Xilisoft iPhone Transfer for Mac - iPhone Copy, iPhone backup software for Mac

The process is similar to the one described on the previous slide. You'll need AirDrop to be turned on on your iPhone. It's usually on by default, but to check, open up Control Panel a swipe from the top right on a X-series phone, or swipe up from the bottom on an older phone.

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  • For AirDrop to work on your Mac you need to have Bluetooth turned on. You also need to make sure your Mac isn't sharing an Ethernet connection over WiFi which is quite a common occurrence in offices where the WiFi isn't up to the number of devices attempting to share it - read about how to share the internet connection of your Mac to your iPhone via WiFi. Your Mac will then need to connect to the same WiFi network as your iPhone.

    What you need for File Sharing

    Now find the image you want to share, click the Share icon and on the next screen you will see Tap to share with AirDrop as an option, just above Message. An icon representing your Mac should appear here. If it doesn't check you have Bluetooth and WiFi on, and open a Finder Window on your Mac, which might encourage it to receive the images. Here's more advice about getting AirDrop to work.

    Top 10 iPhone Transfer Software You Should Know

    To share your photo from your iPhone to your Mac, click on the image that represents your Mac on your iPhone and this should start the process of sharing the image to your Mac. Also, here is how to use iMovie on the iPhone. We also have a guide to making a video slideshow on your iPhone using Photos Memories. All Rights Reserved. Transfer photos from iPhone to Mac with Image Capture There's another app that you can use to import photos on to your Mac.

    Copy photos from iPhone to Mac with iCloud Photos If you can't be bothered with USB cables and importing photos by hand, then you can just sit back and let Apple's iCloud do all the work. Transfer photos from iPhone to MacBook with email or Messages if you're feeling really low-fi and you're just importing one photo, you can email or Message the photo to yourself or your friend , then open your email or Messages on the Mac and copy the attachment wherever you want it.

    The image will land in your Downloads folder, which you can access from the Dock. Just remember to turn AirDrop off afterwards if you have it set to Everyone.

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    6. How to Transfer Files from iPhone to PC (Windows/Mac).
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